Saturday, 15 September 2012

Carbon Nation

It seems there is this thing called "global warming" and "scientists" think that humans are responsible. Pfft. As if we'd do something like that. Carbon Nation is a movie that looks at what we can do about this.

First up, let's switch to Wind Power! Because that doesn't cause problems. Then, the Department of Defense needs to be better power users. And trucks need better heaters and air conditioners. Fortunately, we can use algae to make fuel. Not to mention rub hybrid cars... with battery issues still prevalent. And just look at what Geothermal can do! We need buildings that don't rely on coal, and give jobs to retrofit all the old current buildings. And people can install solar panels everywhere! We should stop burning forests and visit them, so we should go vegan. Which would help when we switch to organic farming. And trap carbon in grass. We just need to put a price on carbon. All this can be achieved if we have people to lead us.

You might think that jumped around a lot, but this movie covers a lot of topics. It is very positive, but also alarming with pointing out what climate change has done. This does cover a lot of material that would be familiar to others, and, while positive, is also realistic about the challenges ahead... to a point. Frankly, I think (from seeing that nothing much has happened) that government lack of policy change is going to be a killer in this area and we'll only really get actual change when it becomes what we inescapably have to do (some might say we are already past that point, but clearly not). It will be interesting to see if a change of leadership to a younger generation will make any difference... but I'm skeptical.

A nice recap of what we should be thinking about, but this will quickly date.


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