Sunday, 14 October 2012

Aether Con 2012

Yeah, that's right, I went there!

But what is Aether Con, you ask. Oh, the vast ignorance you display... (much like I did on Friday). Looking for something to do on Saturday, I poked around on event sites and found... Aether Con, for the first time in Wellington.

What it is, is Steampunk. Yes, behold the mix of 1900 plus steam technology. Having encountered Steampunk in various forms over the years, I decided to head out in the not-great weather and poke around. What I found was a mid sized hall filled with display tables of people with Steampunkish goods, and, more appropriately, lots of people in full on Steampunk clothing. (I was one of the few people there not in costume, and did indeed feel a bit out of place for that.) There were some other related events on, but since I hadn't signed up, I didn't partake.

And while there, I did pick up something nice from ReinKarnate. (Other photos are available.)


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