Saturday, 13 October 2012

The Hungry Gams

Thanks to Rifftrax, I got through another movie franchise about a girl facing a stupid situation. And yet, there was one thought resounding through my head the entire time I was watching it.

So in this movie, Katniss gets to volunteer for some sport or something, and there's a really long sequence where she and some other guy fail to have any chemistry while mixing it up with a bunch of kids... and then some of them die, the end.

It really is that exciting, and absolutely no-one, from Jennifer Lawrence to Donald Sutherland, shows any emotion at all. Ever. No matter what happens, no expression what so ever. Eh.

But what I thought, what this movie really wanted to be (and since I have not read the book, I have no idea if it is handled better there or not), it really wanted to be Battle Royale, only it's not. And not even slightly comes close.

So go watch Battle Royale. It's a good movie.


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