Sunday, 28 October 2012

Are you tremulus?

Kickstarter pays off in fits and starts. One project that has (mostly) paid off so far (with probably some updates to come) is tremulus, a horror based rpg. (And with Halloween coming up, why not?) From Reality Blurs.

And it's not just for me, it's also for you! In particular, their playbooks are freely available for anyone who wants one (just click on that link for my copy of it). These are a collection of characters for use in the tremulus system.

Now, obviously you will need the system, but hey, they can have interesting character ideas. I haven't look at the system enough to know if there is a simple conversion to other systems (eg BRP), but that won't stop people from either doing it, or just freewheeling from the concept.

Anyway, they want this distributed far and wide to promote their game... so go check it out!

(Other free rpgs might also be available right now...)


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