Saturday, 27 October 2012

P4r4norm4l 4ctivity

Yes, once again it's time to milk that cash cow, and considering it's already gotten over five times its budget from the box office, I'm sure someone's already filming for number five... (I won't insult anyone by saying they are writing a script.)

The kid from the second movie (although I completely don't remember that ending) is back, and now with another family, and so scary shit starts happening to them, oh so slowly. Except for the last ten minutes when everything is ramped up so there can be deaths galore!

There are moments when this movie still has a good atmosphere, particularly, yes, the night scenes and the slow creeping of something that shouldn't be there... but then the story is complete pants, there's a token gesture towards explaining what is going on (only not really), and by this point the scares are cheap and it's a case of checking to make sure they painted out the wires properly.

Kathryn Newton is Alex, the kid we are supposed to side with as she realises something weird is going on. And yet she isn't sure, so we have to wait, knowing she's in this horror movie, so inevitably when she does finally get around to doing something, it's too late. And there are a bunch of other people, but since there isn't a story, what the hell...

Can't say I recommend seeing this in a darkened theatre, but in a smaller room, in the darkness, with this as the only thing to get your attention... then you might start wanting to have a light source nearby for comfort...


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