Friday, 19 October 2012

Bro-ham Vampire, Lincolin Log Hunter

This reminds me, in style, of current Doctor Who. Let's take a great figure of history, that is great in and of themselves... then shove monsters into it. Because you need to have monsters, or you wouldn't have anything to hook the audience with, who clearly can't stand learning anything about history unless there is an epic CGI battle or similar... (Speaking of history, and the terrible American education system, how many people now think that Lincoln really did fight vampires?)

The plot, if I need to iterate it, is Abraham Lincoln had a moment in his childhood where vampires happened, and so he grew up as a vampire hunter... and that's about it. There are some flowery speeches, because this is the Olden Days(tm) (which, for America, is about any time period before iPods...), but basically this is just like any other monster hunter movie.

Benjamin Walker does a good Liam Neeson lookalike. Initially when we first saw older Lincoln, I did wonder if they got in another actor... but then I wondered who did the old age makeup? [Too much Face Off.] Jimmi Simpson has a fine career ahead as Larry Drake. And Mary Elizabeth Winstead seems to be able to be whatever age she wants.

Still, considering I'm now in a Savage Worlds: Deadlands game, this is excellent inspirational material.


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