Saturday, 20 October 2012

Loop-de-loop, er...

So does this count as two Bruce Willis movies for the price of one? Or just twice as much Bruce Willis in one movie? Because Joseph Gordon-Levitt is totally Bruce Willis. Yep. Nothing unconvincing about that.

It's a time travel movie, so the plot is screwed before you begin, however Joe kills people from the future, except his past self gets away. Fortunately they have a discussion about how time travel memories work, so then it's all about Old Joe killing Hitler before Hitler becomes Hitler, and everything unravels...

(There's also a plot point about telekinetic abilities, which is, to borrow an expression, "overegging the pudding". It doesn't help and could easily have been written in another way.)

It's hard to tell if this is a 'let's kill Hitler' story, or a 'look at what your life has become and change it' story, or a 'love will transform you' story, because the movie tries to have it several ways, only none of them fully realised. And then the ending contradicts the logic itself set up, and you're left with a 'that doesn't work' taste in your mouth.

Bruce Willis is one-note in this, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt does, in some shots, look like Bruce with the aid of the make-up, but not really. Emily Blunt looks familiar, but possibly in an Olivia Wilde kind of way. And Jeff Daniels is surprisingly still alive!

A movie that is wanting to be about more than it is, and one that will just annoy time travel fans in years to come.


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