Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Dead Asleep

I thought that Nick Stahl, Rose McGowan and Amy Smart were big names. At least big enough to be able to choose what movies to be in. So why the hell were they in this film? (Did Rose agree because she got to sing the end song?)

Dylan has been obsessing about an old accident, so much so he no longer has friends or a decent job, so fakes his funeral to prove a point. Which leads him to connecting with an old girlfriend, and taking care of a drug addict, and there are ghosts or maybe hallucinations, and the movie isn't clear about when is what, and clumsily makes a point about second chances. Or perhaps about not dying before you are ready to go. Or something. Again, not clear.

It's like there were several drafts of this movie, with different takes on the main theme, and then they just filmed random pages from different drafts until they could put them in some order. I won't say narrative sense here, because there isn't any. Nor much sign of proper production values. Was this a student film or something? Definitely reads as a wannabe art film that isn't grown up enough to be anything more than 'maybe I could be one day'.

So those three are in it, however Nick only has one expression, Amy isn't much better, and Rose just stumbles through the entire thing (usefully her character is supposed to do this, so that works). Brian Lynner as old drunked Irish man is about the only redeeming factor in the movie.

If this movie got itself together enough to sort out a coherent story, it might be merely ignoreable. As it is now, it's completely avoidable.


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