Tuesday, 9 October 2012


It's an anthology movie, which is both its boon and its curse. In one way, the shorts have a hard time gearing up to being anything decent. On the other hand, if they fail, they are soon over.

The linking device is that some jackasses break into a house and start watching some tapes. It's not a decent set up, and the ending doesn't come as a shock. The first story is about hitting the clubs and hooking up with someone odd. It's weird more than horror, you can see exactly what's coming, and then it comes. Yeah. The second is again weird and what's happening isn't explained until after the pay-off, when it's too late. The third is more typical horror, but doesn't have the build up before the pay off. The fourth is more like it, although I'm not entirely positive what was going on. The fifth is the best of the lot, give those guys a full film, although the house looked a little familiar.

The main feature of these shorts is that they are all done akin to found footage (with variations on what the camera is). If I thought it would mean anything, I would ask that this be the end of it, but that's not going to happen. As I said, a few are decent, and there might be something in those, but easily I can see the worst ones being picked to expand on.

Definitely don't bother to see at the movies, but could be worth picking up on rental or less.


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