Friday, 12 October 2012

First Assimilation^2

While I myself have never written Star Trek fanfic, there is plenty out there, and more than a few have crossed over into Doctor Who. Assimilation2 is authorised fanfic by Scott and David Tipton with Tony Lee... whom I have never heard of before.

In this story, the Cybermen team up with the Borg... well, we've often said the Borg are ripping off the Cybermen, so why not this? The Doctor lands on the Enterprise D and they team up to understand this combined menace. While this is the 11th Doc, we also get a short story of the 4th Doc with Kirk and co. because... well something is happening to force their universes together...

This is, as it happens, just the first part of the story. The second part is due out next January, and I have no idea how many parts there are. As it is the first part, the authors take their time to set up the story with Doctor, Amy and Rory doing their own thing, and the Enterprise crew doing there own thing, and generally taking their time to get together... which is really annoyingly dull. Get on with it! If you are going to cross-over, then cross-over dammit! And stop making big deals out of the fact that the Doctor has just seen Riker and Data... or they are about to meet Guinan... or... anything! GET ON WITH IT!

And that is the main problem with this. Too much set up for what we are putting up with.


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