Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Frantastic Flair for Everything

A movie starring Simon Pegg? I'm there and watching it!

Jack is a writer, working on serial killers from the Victorian period... which leads to him getting seriously screwed up and seeing killers everywhere. Then in the second part of the movie he goes to a laundrette. Then in the third part...

While watching, when the third part happened, I did get a sense of the movie changing plot lines, but only when writing the above did I realise that this had already happened. It's a bit of a cheat to change story lines like that, and that I noticed it at least once shows that it does have issues... and I will credit the movie with the first one, the second one is more noticeable and could have been done better.

The main reason why is that the first two parts of the movie are all about Jack. First by himself, then around others, but it is still all about Jack and his reactions to everything, when everything around him looks to be spiraling out of control. But then the movie starts being about others, and so the flow is broken. The movie is still funny, but the tone change doesn't give it any favours.

Simon Pegg, of course, is great. When I saw Amara Karan, I did recognise her but couldn't place her (she was in The God Complex). There is an interesting music choice here as well, a mixture of gansta and then suddenly Europe. Odd, but amusing.

A movie to catch if you have the chance.


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