Wednesday, 17 October 2012

The Adventures of the Scary Bunny

[Obligation is a thing whereby each session, the GM randomly picks someone's obligation and that person is feeling the stress of their obligation. Which mechanically means they lose points off their strain total. While roleplaying can also use this... that isn't really much mechanically for this important seeming character creation step. tonight was my turn. I did think of how I might be feeling the pressure, but otherwise it can easily be a minor annoyance, easily ignored.]

We get to where Sinasu is supposed to be, and find a temporary living area. We are greeted by a droid, who lets us know we can deliver our cargo here. At this point, wanting to make sure Sinasu was knowing I was dealing with this, and this wasn't just someone saying 'yes, give us whatever this is', we did get confirmation of what the package was. After that, we headed back to our ship then brought it, and the cargo, to this location.

And just after unloading them, the bounty hunters hit. Triggering a lot of combat [which lasted for the rest of the session]. Our tame hired gun when nuts on one of the guys with the jetpack, and was lucky not be taken out. Our mechanic was taken out [of the fight until he was stim-packed back up]! I got the ship ready to leave [which took a few goes], while others headed for the ship guns with variable success.

[This was our full longer combat. The first person downed one, nearly two, of our side. I continued my trend of barely making, at best, rolls. There were two main one-on-one combats. The cinematic nature of it all... it didn't really flow that well for me to get a good sense of that, although the GM certainly liked what we did.

Two big things are: one, initiative. Instead of saying 'person X goes here', we say 'someone on this side gets to go'. While that does make for an interesting switch up to initiative, this does lead to more time being used up deciding who goes next. The other issue is that each roll can generate advantages and disadvantages, and until we really get a better sense of what we are doing with them (and there is a two week gap between each game.. and the game is being revised continually), that is going to slow us down. For now, this isn't fast combat. Also an issue of deciding what I was doing each round, not being directly in combat, and that is more knowing what can be done.]

Eventually we did get away, with us, Sinasu, the jet pack guy leader, a mook, and we even got the damn crates back that Sinasu wanted. He's got to like us for that. And with some fancy flying from me, we're off the moon... with only a minor issue of being chased by other ships...


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