Thursday, 4 October 2012

Jenny Musician

Keeping with the trend of New Zealand musicians, there was one person I saw in concert... and, off the top of my head, roughly about the only concert I've gone to: Jenny Morris. A nice range of songs, mostly light, definitely enjoyable.

I do recall the concert was opened by JPS Experience... which was bad, because I don't like JPS Experience. But, hey, Jenny Morris in concert! With an encore set (yeah, that was so obvious, they didn't bother turning the lights up, so we were just waiting.) I think it was around the time Honeychild came out. Anyway, good stuff. And I think I have all her albums.

But one thing I also got was the VHS of The Story So Far... although you try to find a copy on DVD, which should totally exist... nada. One thing I likes about it was that Jenny talked a little about the video before each clip (see below).

Anyway, example song time. One that shows off her... talent and quirkiness of song:



Jet Simian said...

You see a fair more than just 'talent' in the video for 'Tears'! The Crocodiles one, mind, not her early 90s remake.

In Australia now, of course, and made good on a trans-Tasman reinvention - Honeychild would be the peak of that, surely? I did quite like 'Body and Soul' (perhaps mostly for neil Finn's rather nice 'You I Love'), bu by the time I achieved a disposable income never really got around to buying it.

Er, that's all I got. Great talent, though, and Oz has given her more than NZ could have. Her Wikipedia entry speaks volumes!

Jamas Enright said...

While Bruno Lawrence is nicely creepy, I can't take Jenny seriously in that outfit.