Wednesday, 3 October 2012

The Adventures of... The Scary Bunny

While travelling, we manage to take care of the crate dragons well enough they don't cause a problem, although we do waste some of the tranquilizer. Arriving at Nashada, we eventually get to our supposed meeting point, to find it has been gutted by fire.

[Some time was spent because the pilot didn't roll well. You might recall that that is me. Many of the rolls I did tonight were neutral on the successes. Given a basic green (good) die and a purple (bad) die, the odds are slightly in the PC's favour. But when I kept rolling neutrals, it didn't feel like that. To succeed, you need a net success. Rolling neutral isn't a success. However, it isn't a net failure either, although it is treated as a basic failure. But I didn't fail! I didn't succeed, but I didn't fail either!  At least, that's what I felt like. It was really annoying.]

Some asking around does lead us to a nearby BactaMax (or Betamax as it is now known), and we find our initial contact there. Who points us to where the Hutt we are ultimately delivering the goods to is. We go there and access the hatch to get us inside.

[And here there was a roll to access the hatch, another to open it, and another to close it. I'm not sure if the adventure actually called for those rolls, or if the GM thought that that was required, but it did feel superfluous. We already successfully made a connection, why the continual rolls? The mechanics do include the facility for 'advantages' and 'threats', but it still felt like too many rolls.]

[And another thing, if you get threats, given we weren't in combat, we were getting strain (sort of tapping into mental health). But as we weren't in combat, it didn't really do anything, and wasn't that hard to get rid of. We fluctuated a lot with lot strain, making it feel pointless.]

Below, the Hutt awaits. And I'm sure no bounty hunters working for an opposing Hutt are close behind us...


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