Sunday, 7 October 2012

Madaga's Third Car

Even though no-one demanded it, Ben Stiller is still around and voiced for the third movie. Hopefully there won't be a fourth, but I'm sure if the money is right, they'll find a way.

The animals are still trying to get back to New York... which, if I vaguely remember wrong, wasn't an issue of them going missing from there as it was they were shipped out and thus no longer wanted, so why then is Alex now a missing lion that New York wants back? Because it drives the plot! (Or it may have always been that, I can't recall.) Along with the returning cast of everyone else that is really annoying, we get the obligatory selection of new animals that need their help and there's a suitably over the top villain as well. This certainly seems generic, even if it is different to previous movies, because it is so like so many other movies.

And it looks obvious that the writers didn't have anything for the main animals to do. Marty, Melman and Gloria could easily be missing and you wouldn't notice. Instead it's all about Alex and, of course, because they have now upstaged the main cast, the penguins. And the new animals, but that just adds more for there to be no need for the previous leads. Let alone the whole Julien irrelevant subplot.

I'm sure all the kiddies will be watching this during the holidays, but there isn't anything here that makes it worthwhile.


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