Monday, 8 October 2012

Star Trek The 3!

Yes, I finally made my through the last series of the Original Series. The box set itself didn't impress me that the other ones did. Like before, I remembered about episodes more than remembering actual episodes. Overall this was a weaker set of episodes (from what I recall of 1 and 2). In 2 the trailers didn't give a good impression of the episodes. While that did hold... more often the episodes weren't brilliant either.

I was struck by how many episodes didn't go into the characters history(*), unlike modern shows which would be centered around revealing another historical moment every episode. Seems odd not to do that now. (*) Aside from the number of past lovers that turn up, when did Kirk have time to do anything else?

Spock's Brain ... They Took Spock's Brain!!! And yet, it dribbles away, not a great opener. The Enterprise Incident was good, but, like all cloaking devices the Federation gets, nothing much happens with it (you could say that it leads to the TNG Season 7 episode, but not really... unless it did, and I don't remember that). The Paradise Syndrome - yeah, not at all racist take on Indians there. Is There Truth In No Beauty? I actually remember bits of this! Day of the Dove - while semi-decent, could have been better. The Tholian Web - there is a better explanation for not moving than you'd think, but still silly. Wink of an Eye - I haven't done the calculations, but I think far more time would pass for Kirk and co than it seems. Whom Gods Destroy - such potential! Let That Be Your Last Battlefield - the episode is too busy with The Riddler vs The Enterprise to really get into the race aspect it has been much cited for. That Which Survives - Another one I actually remember! Requiem for Methuselah - odd ending, in that Kirk is suddenly overwhelmed with love for someone he's only known for 30 minutes, and Spock makes him forget... going to make for odd conversations with other people. All Our Yesterdays - did this precursor the Gateway people? Turnabout Intruder - the last episode, which is really weird as it is decidedly misogynistic, claiming that women can't be captains and should be content being women...

The extras were all left to the last disc. All the 'what happened to the main cast' they hadn't otherwise done were dumped here, as well as a few other odd pieces. Together with The Cage, it was definitely an extras disc, although having them spread over the discs to break them up with have been nice.

[I do want to get the remastered TNG, but that's a long way away...]


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