Monday, 26 November 2012

Clocked it

As I said, I would continue... and I did. Finding a new thing to hate on each level... But I did complete it after five hours! And...

Now, I'm going to reveal spoilers but since I hate the game, I'm not hiding them. You have been warned.

So, we have Cybermen, the Silurians and Silence, human guards and finally Daleks. Because you need to have a game with Daleks in it. And the last fight was incredibly annoying, especially when it wasn't clear what I was supposed to be doing. The Doctor does mini-puzzles while River shoots... yeah, that's fun... isn't it?

And yes, I got all four pieces of the Clock... and yes, the game says there is more to come... however... that's where it ends! Yeah, on a cliff-hanger! W T Fuck??? What the hell is up with that? One last mini-puzzle and that's the end? That didn't feel epic! That felt frustrating and annoying and other angry words!!!

If you want another game, fine, but don't leave a cliff-hanger to force it! Try making an actually good game, and people will clamour for more!

(Collectibles, and there are some - the Doctor's hats and pages of River's Diary, I didn't get all of them... but I don't care that much. Maybe one day, but not today.)

So, no... do not play this game. It will not reward you...


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