Tuesday, 27 November 2012


50 years eh... and it's come to this.

M screws up, and Bond has to step in to help her out. By lots of extended chase scenes and really boring fights.

Seriously, this has some of the blandest fight sequences I've seen. The last act is incredibly tedious, like two punch drunk boxers barely able to get enough energy up to swing at each other. (The bad guy even makes a comment to this end at one point.)

Not to say it's all terrible. There are some nice nods towards the series history, but... actually, I'll just leave it at 'but'.

Actor-wise, mediocre performance from Daniel Craig. Great performance from Dame Judy Dench. Great performance from Javier Bardem. And although I'm sure Ben Whishaw wasn't trying to act like Matt Smith crossed with David Tennant, I got an off-key Doctor-vibe from him anyway.

The experience wasn't helped by 20 minutes of ads/trailers before hand, nor the incident on the bus afterwards. But I was not impressed by the latest Bond.


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