Thursday, 29 November 2012

Mon Brave

Damn you Pixar and your excellent story telling!

Why'd it take so long for a female story? Merida is a princess that doesn't want to be (a Disney Princess?), and rebels to take destiny into her own hands, and change her mum in ways that... well, although I didn't watch many trailers, I definitely didn't know that was going to happen, so I won't reveal it here.

(Speaking of trailers, this movie had trailers for the girls and trailers for the boys... just a shame they felt they had to do that. Good storytelling, which this is, doesn't care who you are, it grabs you and makes you tear... I mean care! No tear at all [hurriedly wipes something away].)

Some big names here, the main notable one being (say it down in a gasping wheeze) Billeh Conneleh! But Kelly Macdonald gives a great performance (aided with Pixar's team of animators) as Merida, and carries the bulk of the movie (although with a companion I don't want to mention).

Another fine Pixar movie...


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