Wednesday, 28 November 2012


This is a model movie... in so many ways!

Norman can speak with the dead... but isn't as hung up on it as Haley was. Anyway, because he can, his uncle needs him to do one job: read a book at the proper grave site so that the witch's curse is stopped for another year and the dead aren't brought back to life... and guess what happens.

This is an amazingly good script. There are some cliches, but there is also subversions of the cliches, and, for me at least, it's layered in appropriately so that twists aren't too shocking and you can see them coming if you are thinking about it. And the ending... they are definitely not talking down to children here!

The big name that is associated with this is John Goodman, but he's not in it much (but suitably so). It's about the kids, so we get a lot of kid actors, who aren't annoying because their characters are well written, and the director (who is the writer) knows what he wants. He brings everything together excellently.

Certainly go see this movie. It's better than you would expect.


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