Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Dark Stryding

Never mind playing the same game twice in a row, we change again! We are going back to the Edge of the Empire system, but this time playing through the DarkStryder campaign. Originally written for Star Wars D6! I remember SWD6... I have, or possibly had, the rule books for that around somewhere...

But for this campaign, we are doing something different. Namely, we are playing three different characters each, changing them out as the situation changes from scene to scene. One from the command crew, one from the named support crew, then one completely made up as we desire. Death is supposed to be a possibility in this, so we are prepared with spare character sheets.

My three are:

Lofryyhn, the Wookie who is the Chief Engineer. Because Wookies are who everyone associates with fixing ships.

Scoryn, hard ass woman who enforces security on the ship.

Nar'tar, Twi'lek scholar who is interested in getting new information more than caring about how he gets it.

Others have a similar range of characters, so... first death from interpersonal conflict next session then!



Bert Isla said...

I have very fond memories of that campaign under the old West End games D6 system.

Jamas Enright said...

I found it amusing that one of the things they had to errata immediately in the system was hyperspace jumping was in hours, not days!