Thursday, 6 December 2012

Whatever happened to...?

Pop Up Video? Remember that? Showed a video, and popped up facts, not always related to the song. I recall watching a fair few videos and liked learning the behind the scenes information. And yet... where is that  now?

I'm not sure if they were involved in this Chop Up video from Shriek If You Know What I Did, but it was very much in the style.

Of course, commentaries are not as uncommon now as back then, but even back then other shows did facts. I recall that one show had (over a few days), all of Madonna's videos, with running commentary across the bottom... I would love to see that released now on DVD (or available in some method). But haven't seen it anywhere.

Nowadays, this would require a music channel to work, and they are too busy showing reality TV shows...


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