Friday, 7 December 2012

Going Gonzo

I have talked about OverThinkingIt before, but I want to bring up another site with similar ideas. However, while OTI often comes across as an exercise in film and literature crit regurgitation, this is more people sitting around, having a chat, and really digging into it as we might want to.

Gonzo Planet is the home site to Digital Gonzo podcast (which seems to have come from Digital Cowboys). They talk about games and movies. And whole series of movies. Like the Die Hard series. Toy Story. The Marvel movies leading up to The Avengers. Aliens, Predator, Aliens vs Predator. Harry Potter. And now Lord of the Rings. (And many others.)

And they care a lot about music in film. And touch on television. And have fun with their own version of Buzzcocks.

And they are mostly British. So just sound many degrees more cultured than other podcasts. Definitely enjoying working my way through their archives.


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