Sunday, 27 January 2013

Android Insufferation

Is this a student film? It feels like a student film. And not in a good way. These are not good thoughts to have when watching a movie when the director, at least, has spent a few years making movies. And yet...

It's the "future", in 2535 (a setting is completely cohesively maintained, and not at all ruined when, while in a created base in the "future" they go past a fire extinguisher last checked, according to the prominently displayed label, in 2010), there are robots, and they have lightsabers, Yep, lightsabers. 'Cos that's a thing that robots get in the future, despite the fact that only one robot has it and why wouldn't all when they can cut through anything? Anyway, the robots are building new robots, which is a bad thing? So a group of peoples are sent in to get info and end up fighting the new robot which picks them off one by one in an incredibly convincing way...

Because the special effects are so real. And not at all incredibly fake, which at all doesn't explain why there are only a handful of shots in which real actors are in screen at the same time as CGI creatures they normally cut away to. And the guns all fire entirely realistically and not put not muzzle flashes in post-production, except for those shots they forgot to put muzzle flashes on, although the fire was firing really. So amazingly done, guys.

And the actors were not one-note at all. There was even a twist! Which everyone could guess after the first hint, not that it wasn't original at all. And a lot was spent on location filming in that one warehouse and that one office place, and that one set they had that they reused over and over... at least the sound was perfectly clear and not at all incredibly garbled whenever they had intercom speech.

And yet, somehow, 2.1 rating on IMDB. Weird.


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