Monday, 28 January 2013

Shush Place Relevations

Oh, a sequel. First movie... not terrible, but I knew far less about Silent Hill then. Now... I wouldn't say I know too much, but certainly I could spot references.

Heather is haunted by dreams and visions of strange creatures, and continual calls back to Silent Hill. And when her father gets kidnapped and taken there, she doesn't have much choice but to follow. Then she encounters a lot of monsters and there's a fight she isn't involved in, and then the movie ends.

Being 3D, the film makers decide to poke many things at the audience. Such as explanations. Every ten minutes there's a character to suddenly deliver several pages of exposition, before leaving off screen to not be seen again. And this is interspersed with various creatures that are there to be creatures on screen that are there. Ie., there isn't much connection.

However, there is a lot of connections with the Silent Hill 3 game, which is Heather returning to Silent Hill, following on from the set up in 1. A fair few scenes are referencing levels from the game, and Heather is dressed as she is in the game. And the ending references Origins and Downpour.

Adelaide Clemens gets a lot of work to do, with few scenes not involving her. Sean Bean is there being Sean Bean, and Carrie-Anne Moss is there behind a lot of white make up. And surprise Malcolm McDowell!

The disconnect between slabs of exposition and monster shots drag the rating of this movie down, but is a decent enough adaptation of the game.


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