Sunday, 13 January 2013

Chinac Zodiese

It's been a while since Jackie Chan was around so... why not this movie?

The Chinese Zodiac has been commemorated in the past by having the twelve animal heads cast in bronze. In the current times, several of them have been auctioned off to private individuals, but many are missing. Enter JC (yes, Jackie is known as JC in this movie) and his team that go after the heads, and other items, and retrieve them for EvilCorp to resell. Usually in some wacky set of events that involve lots of physical action. Oh, and there's some other personal notes about trying to get families back together, but that's tacked on, and those plot threads are wrapped up for everyone in about two minutes. There's also a line about trying to get treasures back to the governments that originally created them... but...

A few threads are a bit of a mess. Mainly I'm not sure why various events meant the good guys won. It might just be a translation thing. But just because it came from a particular country doesn't mean the current government has any right to it either. But aside from that, which is only really a minor point, this is a fun movie centered around lots of physical comedy moments that JC is famed for (and this was written by JC and directed by him too). There's a lot of varied set pieces, with the island one being one of the stranger ones where this movie goes. Maybe too many? Meh, I liked them.

JC is good as ever, although there's no major romance plot to see his fully acting side. Oliver Platt makes a cameo, but most of the cast I've never heard from before. But it's a good range of international peoples, with international languages (I'm not sure what would happened for a plain American release, you can't expect people in a movie theatre to sit around reading subtitles! You don't go to the movies for anything other than mindless entertainment! You shouldn't have to read! That's too hard!).

I liked this movie, but can understand how it isn't rating highly.


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