Saturday, 12 January 2013

Updating is Bad

People like DRM. And by people, I mean companies, because none of us do. DRM = 'oh my god, people might be able to use a company's product without giving them every dollar in their bank account... FREAK!' And for BluRay this is particularly annoying as discs come out with new keys every now and then so BluRay players need to be updated with the new keys.

Fortunately, if you are hooked up to the internet, the player can go and get the update. All you need to do it tell it to update. Or it will bug you. Constantly. Continuously. (And yes, I'm mainly thinking Windows here.) That little balloon pops up again and again and again to see 'hey, update me already! Or you might not be able to play the BluRays you have... even through you don't have anything that uses the new keys, update anyway! Update! Update! Update!'

Fine, I did that... and what happened? My player stopped working, and didn't play any BluRay at all. Nice one. Thanks for that. Once again we clearly see a stable Windows-based product, able to handle any situation.

Annoyingly, trying to un-update the software is not an option. There is no rollback function... and no repair either! I tried downloading the update from their website and applying that... but my software wasn't the right base or something (I presume the update was looking for the un-updated software, but who knows? Clearly it wasn't interested in making sure the actual software was working properly).

My solution... uninstall it, and install the base player again... and hey presto, I can play my BluRays! Problem solved! Except...

'Update! Update! Update! Update! Update! Update! Update! Update!'


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