Wednesday, 9 January 2013


[Remember that game of Star Wars I was talking about a month ago? No? Well, we barely did either. Anyways, we finally had our first session.]

The Far Star was hardly in orbit for any time at all when it received a distress signal from a not too far planet, a mere four days away. We left quickly. While in route, Scoryn took the opportunity to get the crew used to the ship with the aid of drills, not to their enjoyment. The doctor got medical supplies at the ready. Lofryyn dealt with a strange power quirk of the ship (I'm sure it was nothing), and Jesse argued for setting the X-Wings down early. While she didn't get her way, we went in cautiously... and met TIE Fighters... that wanted to escort us in.

On the planet's surface we found the extent of the damage. The main city of the planet had been hit by TIE Bombers, and nearly eradicated. Medical personnel went to help, some of us sorted out food provisioning, and Jesse went looking for the incoming help from other cities... to no avail.

One far off camp of survivors needed food, so Scoryn (me) and some red shirts (other PCs) were tasked with delivering it. One small issue was a bomb in the way, which we left. Oh, and looters. Scoryn shot one, and got rid of that group. Ben shot another and dispersed another group. Gunther and Mel took longer to beat the last group off, but soon there were four dead looters and no other people stepping up. Certainly our troubles were past us...


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