Thursday, 10 January 2013

Must See "TV"

I've definitely using the "" for TV there, as it isn't TV I'm talking about the interwebs. How often have you decided to pack it in for the night, and decided to do one last sweep through your common websites before switching off the computer... then finding out there's a new episode of Spoiler Warning. And of course Extra Credits came out. They look shortish, so maybe just watch them before powering down...

This is quite insidious. We all know we should get decent night sleeps, and yet we want to watch just one more thing. And it can even get more annoying when for some of us it's extremely late, where as were the show is posted (which, let's face it, is probably America) it might be a far more reasonable time. So if you leave it to the morning then everyone else has a chance to get a leap on your and talk about all the good stuff before you even have a chance to experience it for yourself. (You know, like what happens with movies.)

Fortunately there is one call to rationality. Internet loading times. Ah, there you go. You'll just watch this... but then see the loading process bar creep along... maybe I don't need to watch it right this minute... (But will you remember to watch it the next day?)

So, what do you try to squeeze in when it's too late at night?


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