Wednesday, 23 January 2013


The group of us struggled on to get the supplies to the band of people away in the bombed out city. On the way, we encountered a collapsed building. We were going to give it a miss (there was gas in the air), when we heard cries for help coming from inside. Myself (Scoryn) and Gunter ventured inside, leaving the other two to guard the supplies. After going through a bad patch of concentrated gas, we found a survivor trapped  by a falling piece of wall. Gunter managed (on a second go) to clear the way and provide a nice exit. After that, with him to guide us, we got to the old school where the people were.

Back at the main camp, the councillor we were dealing with still wanted to talk with the Captain, so Jessa eventually got in touch with him, and arranged for the councillor to visit the ship. While the councillor wanted to take his own shuttle, Jessa didn't trust him and wanted him to go with some of us who were returning. Eventually the councillor conceeded... then his shuttle and escort followed anyway. The captain and the councillor still had a diplomatic meeting, and the captain agreed to visit there tomorrow. The attack had been a deterrent by a TIE bomber to dissuade the planet from siding with the New Alliance.

Back at the school, Ben and Mel got to thieving, with Ben making a name for himself as a contact... a name that Scoryn found out about.

In the morning, the three remaining councillors went up to the ship, collected the captain, and headed back to the planet... and that's when the escort ship with a full compliment of TIE fighters and bombers turned up. TIE Figher versus X-Wing and Defender. Capital ship vs capital ship. TIE bombers heading towards the planet. We got rather swamped by numbers, dealing some damage, but it wasn't looking good. Then the ship the captain and the councillors were in was caught in a tractor beam...


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