Thursday, 24 January 2013

Reach for the Jack!

Yep, it's that movie about a 6'5" guy played by a 5'6" guy. I saw this movie without any knowledge of the books, with someone who knew all about the books.

A set of murders happen, and an-ex army guy gets involves, looks at some stuff, fights some people, car chase or two, more investigating and fighting... without having the 'Jack Reacher' name attached, it isn't that exciting. In fact, it's rather slow moving action, with a fair few shots of 'look at our actors walking'. Meh.

According to the guy that knew, they did incorporate a lot of plot from the book. And there were a few Reacher-isms of how he fights, treats cars, drifter lifestyle... but not a lot is made of that. Presumably if Cruise continues with the other 18 movies, we'll see reoccuring motifs, but as yet, I'm not seeing this as someone special.

But yes, the movie does imbue Cruise with a sense of presence, and everyone acts very uncertainly around him (but then, hey, this is Cruise! Who know what he'll do next?). But knowing this was supposed to be a bigger person, I wonder how much the execs were happy to go with someone smaller to have a bigger range of actors to put up against him physicality wise. Certainly I doubt the fights would play the same with someone who has a lot more bulk behind their punches.

End of the day... whatever. Nothing exciting... but I might just check out the books...



evildicemonkey said...

Did you ever read the books?
I saw it yesterday and am mildly interested in reading a book or two to see what it's like.

Jamas Enright said...

I talk about the books in this post:
(And have heard all of them.)