Sunday, 6 January 2013

Of Steam, Steal and Murder

Yes, another SSM game! Run by me! AARRGGHH!

The peoples find a body. Then mess around a while... a long while... a very long while... LOOK, I have this island I want to have the adventure on, get over there!

Eventually we got there, and I try some different mechanics. We have a discussion about sanity mechanics, which, if I had had first, I would have incorporated far more of that into this. Oh well, next time.

Session 63: Introducing the Blue Man Group. Rapidshare. (Hotfile is too slow for me to deal with.)

Here is the map and the journal.



evildicemonkey said...

I've only heard about an hour of the adventure so far and I can't think of anything but this...

I will be very upset if it does not turn out this is what has been happening on the island

Jamas Enright said...

Oh the tap dancing I was doing while talking...