Sunday, 6 January 2013

Ralph Wrecked-It

I'm wondering if I'm the worst demographic for this movie? While I know a lot about the games they are referencing, I don't know them all... and it's bugging me that I can spot that it is a reference, but I don't get what it is a reference to. (Eg, is Calhoun supposed to reference bro-shooters or Samus?) And yet, I don't not know enough that I can ignore that side of it and just enjoy the rest of the movie.

Not that the rest of the movie is that terribly exciting. After some game fan service, it settles into generic 'help the kid race' movie that could be any 'feel good family summer movie'. I do wonder if the writers/directors (yes, you, Rich Moore) went soft on the game side in order to not turn off all the non-gamers. Although there are a lot of game references and contexts in this, most of them are nostalgia references (eg Donkey Kong) and the two modern games are bro-shooter and a car racing game, so it's not like they are severely pushing the envelope. So I'm saying that, despite this is a movie about a game character and set in the world of computer games... the game side could have been more, and kind of disappointed it wasn't.

The performances are good. John C Reilly sounds familiar, but I can't recall what major thing I've heard him in. Jack McBrayer and Sarah Silverman are turning in performances as... well, themselves in many ways (at least, their screen selves). Alan Tudyk... I didn't spot that it was him at all, and nearly want to rewatch the movie just so I can appreciate it. Jane Lynch didn't quite match with the character appearance, and I go wonder if she was cast because of Glee or she was cast and happened to also work on Glee.

Due to timing, I did see the 3D version of this... meh. I'm not not impressed by 3D, as it is simply faking 3D, and this didn't add anything to the argument.

Decent enough movie, but too generic outside of the 'hey, hey, look at this game, remember this?' parts.


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