Monday, 25 February 2013


That's a messy title, with + and Ctrl and not being the expression you think it would be. But it is a documentary about computer entrepreneurship.

What do you need to start up your own computer based company? First, an idea. But then money. This movie looks at the different ways people can get that, can get their name out there. Mainly by going to demo shows and the like. Some times by getting big with a great title (eg Bastion), but mainly trying to get backing. This movie follows five different teams as they try to do that.

But beyond telling those stories... it doesn't really have a larger motif than 'find a job you like and go for it', which is pablum from so many other places (if we all did that, I suspect there would be a lot less street cleaners around). There's also 'the main leader should present the vision', which is a good idea, but the two big examples, Apple and Microsoft show that the person with the technical knowhow isn't the one who should do the talking.

So a quick go-over of some moderately successful stories, but not really wider than that.


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