Sunday, 24 February 2013


I'm guessing they chose that number because of the proper religious significance, but they don't really many much of a reference to the religious side of it. Oh, and it's easier to have 6:16 as a time.

Anyway, it seems the FBI has a team of people to go investigate ghosts and hauntings and stuff. A rather odd collection of people that I would more believe the FBI would disown rather than put into a team. Anywoo, they go to a prison where there was an attempted burning of all 616 inmates. So they go in, place cameras all over the place, and have camera glasses (is that actual tech? I would think so, but...). Oh, and a paranormal specialist (again with the FBI it seems) also turns up. They find a woman, who is evil and stuff, then they all get killed off one by one. And that's about it.

This is found footage. So it's got that going against it. And the light levels in this wash the picture out time and again (because it's artistic!). There is one moment that got me, but otherwise nothing surprising.

No-one in this I recognise, the writing isn't believable, and this invents some mythology for itself to play with that's not that impressive...

So yeah, not a great movie.


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