Tuesday, 5 February 2013


Why should the Americans be the only ones to make bad horror movies? This is one from the British.

Four friends, ostensibly two couples, go out to a far away house for some reason, and nearby is a tree and some ruins. Turns out the tree is well known for people hanging themselves from it. Guess what happens? Yeah, even without the opening 'this is actual footage found by the police' who then basically describe the result of the end scene, you can tell exactly where this is going... and there it goes!

This then leaves the characters to carry us through. So this movie then ends up being an equal part measure of angst and panicked running, neither of which is worth acknowledging as a tour de force of brilliant cinematography.

This is from a rather new writer and director team (one other short together listed on IMDB - which admittedly isn't great with non-US credits), so we can hope they get better. This is just too generic to really tell if it had promise or not.

Not worth watching as neither bad nor good.


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