Wednesday, 6 February 2013

So Incredibly Hulky!

I did it! That is to say, I done it. I watched(*) all the episodes of the TV series of The Incredible Hulk. (Although not the two TV movies afterwards.) (*) Where 'watched' means 'watched most of the episodes on fast forward, and with no subtitles, so I saw what happened, but didn't hear all the dialogue, but most of the episodes are the same anyway'.

And 'by the same', we get the set up of Bix (as he's referred to by the director) being the new kid in town, gets caught up in some events or another, get trashed once at the end of Act 2 for the first Hulk Out, before more exposition leading up to the final Hulk Out in Act 4 that solves everything, before he takes to the road again. So, yeah, I didn't miss out on much by fast forwarding through it all.

Still, there were some decent episodes in there, because the writers actually wrote decent characters, a point they make, and one I'll agree with. And some interesting 'different' episodes, such as the one centered on the reporter Jack McGee, and one where Lou 'the Hulk' Ferrigno has an actual speaking part (although he's not as strong as the Hulk, whom he meets in that episode). And you know what, if Lou came up to me and said 'I'm the Hulk', I'm not one to disagree with him.

I'm glad I made my way through them all. I vaguely recall seeing some when I was much much younger (especially remember Lou breaking through a motorcycle helmet). And, as ever, that haunting melody that you will never forget, the Lonely Man theme...


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