Sunday, 10 February 2013

Hotel restocking

I've been at a hotel the past few days (for reasons that will become evident soon), and there's a weird thing I've noticed with regard to their restocking and general cleaning policies.

I've got a cake of soap. I have used it a few times under normal circumstances, I haven't gone crazy and lathered my body every five minutes, or eaten it or anything. So I've only used a sliver, is what I'm saying. Why, then, do they feel the need to restock me a new one each day? How is that in any way efficient / cost effective? It's all very well saying 'we want guests to have the best' and / or 'the cleaning peoples have a perk of used soap', but when it's only had a few washes in water, even 'perks' will add up to a significant noticeable level.

Also towels. Now I have no idea if they are simply rehanging or giving me new ones (same with sheets) but again they can't really be resupplying each day, because that laundry bill would be through the roof! I've stayed at places which explicitly say 'in order to conserve, please consider reusing your towels' which is fine, I do that anyway. So really hotels are changing the linen that often? It makes sense if they don't.

And yet, they seem to be. Perhaps that's just the (level of) hotel I'm at? Even then, word of advice: in the name of saving you some money (and perhaps passing that savings along to my bill), feel free to leave my soap sitting there for another day or so.



evildicemonkey said...

Having worked in the hotel industry for a long time (a long time back now though) I can say that the predominate reason is that it's easier to give out new soap whenever you clean a room (so that new guests don't get soap used by a previous guest) than it is to work out who is staying 'another night' and NOT giving them soap but still giving it to all the other rooms that get cleaned.

You know people would complain if their soap was used when they checked in, it's just easier to avoid the conflict.

Jamas Enright said...

And what about when you check in and there is no soap? (Which is what happened in my case.)

And a contrary point: my toilet roll was never replaced, and yet I would expect that to be more often than soap.