Monday, 11 February 2013


Yes, I was up in Auckland most of last week. Why? You'll see tomorrow.

While up there, I had a good view from my hotel room (night and day). And I went for long walks. In fact, I went on the Auckland City Walk. I popped over to Takapuna to visit Retrospace. I don't think I'd be over selling it if I said they have a lot of stuff. And went there via the ferry.

I wandered around the Auckland Art Gallery (where most of the pictures are from), before going up in the Skytower lift. Being up there... it does your head in a little, being so high with hardly anything beneath you. But saw the amazing range of Auckland's suburb sprawl, reminded me of Sydney. And because you do this sort of thing, I took video:

All that and much other wanderings I did. But it wasn't the whole reason I was up there.


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