Sunday, 17 February 2013

Maul'ing Star Wars

What character from Star Wars do we most want to see return? Jar Jar of course! But right after him, Darth Maul! I'm sure if you were George Lucas, you'd see him as a cash cow and want to resurrect him as well!

The Clone Wars is not directly under Lucas, but certainly has grown up to be a great spin-off with its own mythology. At least, I guess so. I stopped paying attention during season one, but I've heard good things. And I also guess, given that Star Wars apparently only admits one mythology, and viscously protects that, all this is in the one canon as well? [I never understood that. Being a Doctor Who fan, I already deal with many different canons, so can't get my head around one that refuses to acknowledge that there there cannot be one official 'text'.]

Anyway, as part of a big build up, why not bring back one of the big baddies of the movies, one Darth Maul? Because he got cut in half, and died many years previously, that's why. Pffft. As if that matters. No, let's do this huge thing because of ratings! And so, as the end of season four, they brought him back. And compiled the last four episodes and released that as a special compilation "Darth Maul Returns!" [So don't complain to me about spoilers, 'cos it's there in the title.]

So to give away spoilers: there's very little return. Two of the four episodes aren't even about Maul and his brother who is looking for him (psst, he has a brother), but about witches - yep, there are witches, so we can see how magic, I mean 'midichlorians', is set up to bring people back. Anyway, so the brother finds Maul and... he's a half-spider thing (because he got cut in half!) but... no-one addresses how Maul survived, or why he's a half-spider, or anything! Just, he's back! Waah! And now he's around for season five.

Load of tosh. But I will only respect this if they also bring back Qui-Gon... but that's probably already happened, hasn't it?


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