Saturday, 16 February 2013

A Bad Movie to Die Hard

Die Hard was great, great action, great characterisation, and Alan Rickman! Die Harder repeated that. With A Vengeance got the credits out of the way in two seconds, then got straight into the action. Live Free was computer typing IS EXCITING! And now we get A Good Day.

John wants to get back together with his son, whom he thinks is in trouble, so he goes to Moscow, where John Jr (Jack) is actually helping a political prisoner escape... but who cares (not the movie) because we have chases and action sequences and betrayal, and people dying without anyone caring...

Seriously two supposed bad guys are knocked off basically off screen. (Well, not quite, but certainly incidentally.) And the characterisation has gone out the window and flattened itself on the pavement below. As for the action sequences, there is no truck/jet surfing, but there also isn't any action sequences that you'll remember after leaving the theatre. It's like they heard about the stunts in 4.0 being too ridiculous, so they toned them down, but forgot to make them more interesting to compensate.

Bruce is cruising through this movie (in one early sequence, bad guys come in, he just stands there, casually picks up a gun and mows them down without even pretending to be in danger - yeah, that's great writing right there), and constantly complaining that he is 'just on vacation'. Jai Courtney is also in this movie, as are the other actors, but don't really play any part in the plot because there barely is one. (Mary returns as Lucy.)

I can only imagine that there will be a 6 so that Holly can return to the McClane family? ... but please don't if it's going to be like this.


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