Thursday, 14 February 2013

There is Grandeur in this View of Darwin's Watch

While I am a fan of the Discworld series, the Science of Discworld books has been one I've taken longer to get around to. For example, my first copy of I is the expanded version. Understandably, the Discworld sections are more amusing than the science sections, so I've often skimmed those ones. Although I have, at some point, read them all properly.

With Darwin's Watch, book III, I found the science sections to be nearly as interesting as the Discworld stuff (or possibly the Discworld section lowered in quality as well?). Not to say I didn't feel inclined to skim some parts, but certainly I enjoyed reading all those sections on my first read through. Amazing.

The story is all about evolution, what is it, how did it get "discovered", what was Darwin's role in it all... and what about parallel universes and the meaning of reality and all that as well. Perhaps it is the content that is more interesting to me and thus I'm happier to read it?

The Discworld section has them trying to ensure Darwin writes The Origin of the Species, and are confounded by Auditors. I do note that while Death knows all about them... suddenly it seems the wizards do as well! And how to fight them, a la Thief of Time. Hmm.... not entirely sure I buy that, but you need it for the story to go on.

So yeah, a more even book for readability. Book IV is two months away... but I'll probably wait for the paperback again (all mine are paperbacks)... and then wait some more... but maybe not quite as long.


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