Saturday, 23 February 2013

Totally Biscuited

You may have heard of Total Biscuit (no idea why his channel is Total Halibut). He tends to review games by just playing them and recording first impressions (known as the WTF is series) and there you go. (His review of The Eternity Clock is pretty much on the money, and he does indeed quit at the obvious point.)

However, he has said more than once that he is not good at puzzle type games. Like Portal and point and click games. And when he says 'not good' he says 'bad'. Like really, really bad. Like terrible, shout at the screen 'why are you so stupid, look at that obvious thing!' bad.

So, of course, when he does that (what he calls 'WTF am I doing edition?'), it makes for must-see viewings and don't-see-because-you-will-yell-at-him viewing! For example...

Yeah... irritating, yet highly amusing!


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