Saturday, 30 March 2013

Agent of Puzzle Research

Because I had to do at least one thing more than just lazing about, I played Puzzle Agent 2... because I had already played Puzzle Agent a while ago.

Despite the fact that these are not the most complex puzzles under the sun, the storyline is quite complex, and not something to be taken lightly. The set up is the rather silly idea of a problem with an eraser factory, but it includes astronauts, forest gnomes and a rather complex list of characters. All voiced differently. And all drawn in the style of Graham Annable, upon who's Grickle this is based on. (Which, yes, does make me want to find out more about that).

But yeah, the puzzles aren't that hard. The worse part is that it is not always obvious what the goal is supposed to be. In some case, you go from point A to B, but it wasn't clear that I was supposed to pass through certain points inbetween. Or that what I read as the question wasn't what they meant. Each puzzle gets scored, based on the number of wrong guesses (and each guess costs money) and the number of hints used. (The first puzzle I got confused about caused me to reset my game and go again... which introduced that I was dealing with unskippable cut scenes - bad game!)

The first game, while it does come to a conclusion, leaves a lot of plot threads open, which the second game follows up on. And although a lot of threads are then dealt with, what's going on isn't 100% clear. But I do like the plot we get. It's not straight forward, and while largely linear, you look forward to going to the next clue and not minding that. (And while you are not limited to going directly to the next puzzle, there isn't much else that happens outside the main line.)

Not long games, and enjoyable to play. I picked them up during bundle sales, so they can be gotten more cheaply than their already low cost.


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