Friday, 29 March 2013

I'm Not Batman

Remember how Bane killed the Batman?? Well, kinda. And no, not the movie. In the original comics, Bane broke the back, and thereby ensured he would be remembered forever... as that one guy that did that one thing but otherwise is just a generic thug.

Well, they re-released the comics last year (and yeah, I've only just gotten around to finishing them). A long time ago there was the two volume set, of Knightfall and Knightcrusade, telling the fall of the Batman, and the return of Bruce back into the role. But they were missing Knightquest, which was the middle part. I always wanted to read that, to find out how Bruce got himself back to normal and rescued Tim's father and ... there was a lot of plot there.

In the more recent version, this is now a three volume set. The first one covers the first volume and half of the second one, with the remaining half in the new volume three. Volume two is Knightquest... which is all about how Jean Paul Valley is the Batman, and is going crazy and becoming Azrael at the same time... But I don't care about that! So I still don't know Bruce's story!

We also get Prodigal, in which Dick 'Nightwing' Grayson takes on the mantle of the bat for several issues, which the various characters expected to happen anyway. That was interesting, but we all knew Bruce was eventually going to come back... after all, it's not like he'd ever give it up and let Dick take over permanently, eh? Eh? (That's a reference to the fact that that has more of less happened in recent Batman continuity.)

While this is a nice set, I now have an issue of space. Before I complained about how DVD sets need to be on USB stick. Add comic collections to that. Although I prefer to read physical comics than on screen...


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