Thursday, 21 March 2013

All the Slenders

I finally (largely because I got the high high high def version of it) watched The Slender Man movie wot I paid for a while ago. (And so what I have to say is biased.)

I liked it! For a change the Slender Man mythology is actually driving the story, instead of several other movies I could avoid mentioning that feature some creature that is co-incidentally called the Slender Man to get in on the action. In particular, the child connection is used, and used well.

Even the first person camera nature of it isn't that annoying, because the camera is generally in focus and pointed at the right thing. And occasionally captures Slender Man without the people being aware, which is totally how that's supposed to work.

Negative, no explanation is given for Slendy (not that surprising), other than a few hints. And I'm not sure why his head is a glow ball in one scene. And who knew that taking children would have no little impact on a town, with no roving bands of child protectors hunting for kidnappers...

Still, the cast is kept tight and generally act well (a few fluffed lines read like fluffed lines and not an attempt at natural speech). I couldn't see where the movie plot was headed (a good thing) and the night time darkness didn't get in the way.

So yes, happy I paid monies for this. And you can watch it for free.


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