Friday, 22 March 2013

Mr Monk and the Books

The tv series Monk finished after eight seasons. Boo! (And rapidly wrapped up a lot of long standing plot threads in that season too.) But the adventures of Monk continue. Yay!

In book form! Before the series was over Lee Goldberg was writing books. (For some reason, after 15 books Hy Conrad took over.) I've read half the books so far... and I like them! [Although I'm now taking a break to read other things.]

The best part is that they are very much written in the same tone as the original series. They are written from Natalie Teager's point of view (she's Monk's second assistant) and we get the full range of Monk quirks without the reader being in his head. And I'm not sure that third person would really get into the coziness of this series. Natalie's inner thoughts really help to make Monk relateable, as well as being a clear view of what is happening in this crazy world where murders happen far too frequently. And the humour is right as well. (Just a shame we don't get to see inside Dr Kroger's office that often.)

I really want this series to continue, and this is a great replacement. Makes me want to watch the series all over again.


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