Wednesday, 13 March 2013


Last time: on the planet Aaris 3, information was found out that a certain object caused hatred and madness...

Meanwhile, on board the ship. As people walk the corridors and do their work, they hear whispers directed against them. Kaiya (the captain) hears remarks against her ability to command. Gunter hears threats as an alien. Lofryyn starts seeing alerts, although no-one else does. Brandis is sure someone is pulling a gun on him...

While chasing down bugs in the system, Lofryyn ends up in the droid bay, where he confronts Brandis and co about them meddling in his systems, and the captain is called in. While working the systems, Lofryyn's head clears, and he realises that something is going on. Perhaps some contaminents brought back by the scientists from the planet?

Going to the scientists' room, he sees them handling an object that Gunther now has. An object he wants... [and then insert Benny Hill sequence here]. Kaiya interrupts the fighting, bringing nearly everyone to their senses, and then Gorak calls from the planet to say there's an object that causes madness and hatred.

And so it gets spaced. Sigh. At least Nat'tar, while checking over their research, manages to find a few items that will make for interesting research in his name. The crew then head for Charis.

However, over on Charis...


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