Thursday, 14 March 2013

500 MPH Stockfootage

Okay, quiz time: a disaster happens, and a man might fight the disaster to save his family... what movie am I talking about?

And here is where I discuss the plot... but hey, I've already talked about that! So instead I'm going to complain about the CGI. You will see extreme sharp shadows in the middle of a scene where there is TOTALLY A STORM HAPPENING RIGHT NOW GUYS, YOU DON'T BELIEVE! And over all the stock footage (and there is so much stock footage), there is so much water washing over everything. Because that's totally believable. The storm is going over 9000! That's totally a thing that happens!

I'm sure I've seen Casper Van Dien in other things, and now he's also in this. Looking a lot like an older Josh  Holloway. There are also... other people. And they are also in this.

I knew this was a disaster (yeah... I know) before I went into this. And it was about what I expected... no wait, it was worse. It's wasn't even 'bad and yet still watchable', it was 'so bad that fastforwarding through it didn't get through the badness quickly enough'. Yep, totally avoid. Totally.


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