Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Firey Rings

This is a natural disaster as a two two hour (with ads) miniseries. So given we know a disaster is going to happen, and the disaster is the main reason people are tuning in, when do you expect the disaster to happen? If you say in the first part, then you have a better sense of timing that the writers do. Not to say that it doesn't happen in the first half, just that it is the last possible moment.

So then in part two, we get the disaster out of the way, and then deal with people surviving. With, other than the threat of escalation, nothing else coming from the disaster. Yeah, what was the point of that then? Oh yes, that's right. People.

There's a lot of characterisation. And by characterisation, I mean the first half is setting up relationships, by which I mean lots of people arguing on screen with each other about random things we don't care about, because that's going to make people care, right? And then in the second half, we see people struggling to survive, and if you think there's a kid involved, then of course you'd be right, as well as dudebros trying to get away, and several other people, all with families to get back to, because then you know they are going to survive. (In fact... I'm not sure anyone actually dies... no wait, there is one family. Other than then, everyone else is fine.)

The cause of it all is Evil Corporation(tm)... guess who has a change of heart by the end? The Evil CEO(tm) of course! Then it rips off Dante's Peak and Volcano and... there is nothing new here by any means at all.

See this? You already have!


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